Page About Us

One of the outstanding features of this unique garden center is our staff. All of our gifted employees are true gardeners. Many of their days off are spent-where else?-in the garden. Several members have used their college years to speacialize in the field of horticulture. Others started out in a completely different field, and realized their real love was for gardening. Years of experience in thier own garden settings have afforded them the practical experience of hands on experience.

Several of our gals have been at this special place for over 17 years.Ask them pretty much any question about gardening and they'll probably be able to answer any and all of your questions.

Everyone here has his or her area of special interest. Whether it's propagating a unique plant that no one else seems to be able to do, or helping a customer find and plant material which requires little to no maintenance. One of our gals loves old garden roses, another will tell you,"you can't live without our herbs in your garden". Yet another won't let you leave without checking out our aquatic area.

It's an experience to shop at Petal Pushers, and a joy for our staff to be of assistance to you, our valued customers.